Notable Artifacts

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic has over 30,000 artifacts in addition to almost 30,000 photographs. Artifacts are exhibit in themed galleries througout the museum.

A special display area cllaed Visible Storage allows you to view hundreds of artifacts including sailors' souvenirs, tableware, lanterns, Canadian Naval ships badges, octants, sextants and telescopes.

The Museum's collection of 30,000 photographs, its vessel plans and nautical charts are housed in, and accessible through, the Museum's library.

The Museum has the largest collection of ship portraits in Canada with over 300 ship portraits of ships such as the Barque John A. Harvie.

The Museum also has an important small craft collection displayed in The Small Craft Gallery and two Boat Sheds. Currently under restoration is the C Class sloop, Whim.

Other notable artifacts in the Museum collection include the First Order Lens from Sambro Island Lighthouse and Shoes of the Titanic Unknown Child.

The Museum's largest artifact is the 200 foot steamship CSS Acadia.