Titanic Remembered Bibliography

The Unsinkable Ship and Halifax

by Alan Ruffman 

Titanic Ruffman

This exhaustively researched book on Halifax and Titanic contains the most authoritative examination of the tragic final chapter in the Titanic story and acts as a guidebook to the Maritime Musem's exhibit: Titanic: The Unsinkable Ship and Halifax. The book's sources offer a valuable resource for Titanic researchers. Alan Ruffman's detailed bibliography, presented here, offers an unmatched listing of Canadian sources about Titanic and his photograph and artifact credits provide some of the most detailed Titanic photographic leads to be found anywhere. The book is now in its fourth printing and has sold over 19,000 copies worldwide.

References and expanded photograph and artefact credits compiled by:
Alan Ruffman, Author
Geomarine Associates Ltd.
Post Office Box 41, Station M
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada B3J 2L4
phone (902) 477-5415

Bibliography of documents, books and articles consulted:

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Photograph and Artefact Credits

compiled by Alan Ruffman, Author for TITANIC REMEMBERED: The Unsinkable Ship and Halifax

Key to Abbreviations:

T = Top
C = Centre
B = Bottom
L = Left
R = Right

MMA = Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax, Nova Scotia,
LRT = Learning Resources and Technology, Nova Scotia Department of Education, Halifax, Nova Scotia
PANS = N.S. Archives and Records Management, Public Archives of Nova Scotia Division, Halifax, Nova Scotia,
UFTM = Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Belfast, Northern Ireland,
GSC-A = Geological Survey of Canada-Atlantic, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia,
SHP = Rev. Samuel Henry Prince Collection of the author.

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Photograph Credits Julian Beveridge

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p 56(B);
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