Our Staff

Kim Reinhardt

General Manager


Administration Coordinator

Aidan Smith

Administrative Clerk

Amber Laurie

Curator, Marine History


Assistant Curator/Registrar, Marine History

Eamonn Doorly

Shipwright/Assistant Curator of Small Craft

Ellen McLaren

Shipkeeper, CSS Acadia

David Gibling

Assistant Shipkeeper

Joni Thomas

Coordinator of Maritime Experiences

Corey Mullins

Senior Preparator

Christian Demmings

Museum Technician 

Maxwell Turner  

Museum Technician

Stephen Read

Museum Technician


Curator of Exhibitions (vacant)

Derek Harrison

Senior Heritage Interpreter

Jenny Nodelman 

Marketing and Events Officer

Graham Caswell 

Curator of Education and Visitor Experience

 Nils Carlson

Buildings Supervisor Manager


Visitor Experience Facilitator

Laurel Shea        

Visitor Experience Facilitator

Jeanne Church

Visitor Experience Team


Visitor Experience Team

Jason Climie

Visitor Experience Team

 Support the Museum

John Hennigar-Shuh 

President, Canadian Maritime Heritage Foundation