School Groups and Bookings

School Groups

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic offers school programs and tours which can be booked by teachers and other educational groups. These programs use the Museum setting to give students a visual and hands-on approach to learning by exploring a variety of marine subjects including the Halifax Explosion, the Navy, the Age of Sail, Communications at Sea and Titanic.

Class visits can fall into any of the following formats:

School Programs

Designed to meet Social Studies and Science curriculum outcomes for grades 3 to 8. Educational program lasting approximately 2 hours. Ideally suited to classes of 20 - 30 students. Each class begins with an overview, followed by the students rotating through a number of work stations that focus on a particular aspect of the theme/era they are studying.
Cost - $3.65 per student. Teacher and chaperones - free admission.
Available throughout the school calendar year.
Classes taught by Museum staff and trained volunteer teachers.

Classes Offered:

Halifax Wrecked: An exploration of the causes and aftermath of the 1917 Halifax Explosion. Children will learn about the events that led up to the disaster, the relief efforts and through a hands-on examination of mortuary bag artifacts from 1917, develop an appreciation for the lives of those who perished in the explosion.

Titanic to Twitter: A fun and interactive look at how we communicate with each other, especially at sea. From signal flags to Morse Code to modern social media, the class also looks at the men whose careers impacted the world in which Titanic was built - Morse, Marconi and Bell. Students will also tour our Titanic exhibit, which will focus on the distress signals sent.    

Days of Sail: Our original school program looks at Nova Scotia during its Golden Age as a major centre for mercantile trade and shipbuilding. Students explore life at sea during the Sail Era and playing the roles of a crew on a coastal schooner, discover just what was needed to go to sea by visiting the William Robertson and Son ship chandlery.     

Guided Tours

Guided tours of the Museum last for one hour and can be tailored to meet the needs of the class. They can range from an overall view of the Museum's displays to an indepth exploration of a particular exhibit. It is also possible to combine one or more themes into a tour, such as a pairing of our Titanic exhibit and the Shipwreck Treasures of Nova Scotia exhibit. Guided tours can be booked throughout the school calendar year for a cost of $24.75 per guide for a group of 25 students. For larger groups, additional guides must be booked, each for an extra $24.00 per 25 students.

In most cases, teachers will book a tour and leave additional time at the end of the tour for some self-guided viewing before the class departs or is collected by their transportation.

Self-Guided Visit with Scavenger Hunt

Some School groups with limited time will make a booking for a self guided tour and use one of our scavenger hunts as a means of introducing their students to the Museum's collections. The scavenger hunts are designed for specific grades and can be faxed in advance for the teacher's review. We also provide an answer key. When these groups arrive, Museum staff provide a brief overview of the Museum galleries and rules before distributing the scavenger hunts.

Specialized Tours/Presentations

Subject to availability of staff, the following 30 minute tours can be booked throughout the school calendar year as part of a school visit.

Lifeline to Victory: An exploration of the role Halifax Played as a centre for convoy operations during the Second World War.

The Royal Canadian Navy and the 1917 Halifax Explosion: A detailed examination of the navy and its response to the events of December 6th, 1917.

Snack/Lunch Area Availability

The Maritime Museum's program room can be made available for groups looking to have their snack or lunch. The room is often used for meetings and events so teachers are requested to ask for availability at the time of their original booking. When the weather is fine, there are picnic tables in our courtyard and benches on the Museum wharves and Scotia Square and Historic Properties are both within an easy walk from the Museum.

For inquiries and bookings, please contact Krista Jordan at or call (902) 424-8897.