Titanic Society of Atlantic Canada – Annual General Meeting

October 20, 2019

2 pm - 4:30 pm

Meeting Room

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Join us for a presentation by David Kaplan about his recent travels to Southampton, Liverpool and Belfast, and by Steve Blasco on his recent Southampton experience; updates and news; and show and share. All are welcome!

Steve Blasco is a marine engineering geophysicist with a long an impressive resume, including dives and research on a number of vessels such as HMS Bredalbane and of course, RMS Titanic.

For those who are interested, Mister Kaplan will also be delivering another lecture, this time on the Harland and Wolff Shipyard as part of the Museum’s lecture series on Tuesday, October 22nd.


For more information, please call Deanna Ryan-Meister: (902) 489-9229.