ARTS Events

Since 2010, the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic has been reaching out to local arts groups interested in hosting special events in our Small Craft Gallery as part of our Fall and Spring Arts series (originally named Flagship Events).  Being a rich and diverse local cultural community, we are excited to be a possible venue for music, dance, performance, visual  or other cultural artists.

In partnership, artists agree to have their event as part of our Fall into the Arts/Spring into the Arts series as co-presenter.  It’s also requested there be a discount to our membership.

2021 Fall Into the Arts

At This Hour: A Docu-Drama Into the Causes of the Halifax Explosion, presented by Zuppa Theatre  
December 3-6, 9-12, 2021

At This Hour was developed in collaboration with the CNIB as a show intended for a Blind/Partially Sighted audience, and features Partially Sighted consultant, writer and performer Phillipa Colman. The show was produced in association with Signs of the Maritimes Deaf Theatre Troupe and all performances featured a hearing cast and Deaf cast performing simultaneously. ASL translation and surtitles were projected throughout the show, and a relaxed performance for people with sensory sensitivities was held. The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is wheelchair accessible with accessible washrooms.

On December 6, 1917, in the narrows of Halifax Harbour/Kjipuktuk, the Belgian Relief vessel IMO collided with an overloaded French munitions ship, Mont Blanc. The resulting massive explosion wreaked havoc on both sides of the harbour and left approximately 2000 people dead. One in every fifty Haligonians suffered sight loss as a result of the explosion - it was the largest mass blinding in Canadian history. Within hours of the disaster Ottawa ordered a full investigation and the Wreck Commissioner's Inquiry began the following week at the Halifax Provincial Court.

Who was to blame? A century later, this question is still unanswered.

At This Hour is a documentary theatre lecture about the Halifax Explosion created with and for the Blind/Partially Sighted and Deaf communities. Constructed like an open seminar, the performers are documentarians. Using verbatim text from the transcripts of the inquiry into the explosion, they explore how British imperialism permitted and encouraged the government mismanagement which led to the explosion, and the cover ups and scapegoating that followed.

Directed by Ben Stone

ASL Translation and Dramaturgy by Catherine MacKinnon
Sound Design by Brian Riley
Musical Direction by Maja Packer
Costume Design by Leesa Hamilton
Surtitles Design by Anna Shepard
Lighting Design by Benoit Gravel
Set Design by Katherine Jenkins-Ryan

With performances by:
Phillipa Colman
Mary Fay Coady
Sharleen Kalayil
Thurga Kanagasekarampillai
Jim McDermott
Elizabeth Morris
Lesley Smith
Alan Williams