The Wreck of HMS Tribune and the Legend of Joe Cracker

January 23, 2018 at 7:00 pm

The wreck of HMS Tribune and the legend of the heroic fisher boy Joe Cracker are part of one of Nova Scotia’s most compelling but tragic sea stories. Join John Dickie as he recounts the tale of one of the best-known wrecks in Halifax Harbour.

John Dickie is a marine geoscientist, diver and author of the book Age of Heroes (2009) documenting Tribune’s story.  Artifacts at risk of loss were recovered from the Tribune site conserved and donated to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic where they provide important details of the Tribune story.

Collision in the Narrows: The 1917 Halifax Harbour Explosion

Extended until November 2018

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic’s 2017 special exhibit, Collision in the Narrows: The 1917 Halifax Harbour Explosion commemorates the 100th anniversary of this fateful event. The museum’s permanent Explosion exhibit, Halifax Wrecked, shows what the Explosion did. The special exhibit investigates what it means, for those who suffered it, and for the world today. It examines the Explosion through three cultural movements that converged in The Narrows of Halifax Harbour on December 6, 1917: a deeply rooted indigenous culture, a global maritime culture, and a Canadian national culture.

Please Note

Hope and Survival the textile installation by Laurie Swim will be closing on December 31st, moving to the Museum of Industry in Stellarton in January of 2018.

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Located in the heart of Halifax’s waterfront, there’s no better place to immerse yourself in Nova Scotia’s rich maritime heritage than the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

From small craft boatbuilding to World War Convoys, the Days of Sail to the Age of Steam, the Titanic to the Halifax Explosion, you’ll discover the stories, events and people that have come to define Nova Scotia and its relationship with the sea.

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