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Conserving our Maritime Heritage

The collection of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, a part of the Nova Scotia Museum, represents the marine history of Nova Scotia and those regions or subjects that are considered significant or of interest to the people of Nova Scotia. The collection belongs to the people of Nova Scotia and is largely developed through the generosity of many individuals.

The Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian merchant marine, Nova Scotia small craft and shipwrecks are subjects well represented in the collection, much of which dates from 1850 to the present. The collection includes over 24,000 artifacts, most of which are on display. They can be found in gallery exhibits and in several specialized display areas.

Visible Storage allows you to view hundreds of artifacts including sailors' souvenirs, tableware, lanterns, Canadian Naval ships badges, octants, sextants and telescopes.

The Museum's collection of 20,000 photographs, its vessel plans and nautical charts are housed in, and accessible through, the Museum's library

The Museum has the largest collection of ship portraits in Canada with over 300 ship portraits of ships such as the Barque John A. Harvie.

The Museum also has an important small craft collection displayed in The Small Craft Gallery and two Boat Sheds. Currently under restoration is the C Class sloop, Whim.

Other notable artifacts in the Museum collection include the First Order Lens from Sambro Island Lighthouse and Shoes of the Titanic Unknown Child.

The Museum follows policies and procedures to develop and care for its collection which are outlined in the Collections Management and Collections Conservation Policies of the Nova Scotia Museum.