Whale CSI: Helping Whales Tell Their Tales

May 30, 2023

Tonya Wimmer, Executive Director, Marine Animal Response Society (MARS)

Tuesday, May 30, 6:30 pm

Image of a dead whale on a beach.

MARS responds to incidents involving marine animals which are found alive but in distress or dead on the shores or in the waters around the Maritime Provinces. Dealing with everything from small harbour porpoises to North Atlantic right whales and the largest animal on the planet – the blue whale - we will discuss how investigations of these incidents help drive conservation actions aimed to protect and recover these important and iconic Canadian marine species and how community members can be part of this critical work.  

Tonya Wimmer, Executive Director, Marine Animal Response Society (MARS)

Tonya is a marine mammal biologist who has been studying marine species in Canadian waters for over 25 years. Originally from southern Nova Scotia, Tonya’s primary focus has always been on protecting marine species and reducing impacts from human activities. Tonya is a strong believer in working collaboratively to find solutions to complex conservation issues and enjoys working side-by-side with other researchers, government, communities, industry, and Indigenous partners.