The Volunteers: How Women Won the Second World War

November 14, 2023

The Volunteers: How Women Won the Second World War book cover.

Book talk/signing by author, Lezlie Lowe

Tuesday Night Talk

November 14, 6:30 pm

Many Canadians know the stories of Canadian women during the Second World War who trained as machinists, welders, and streetcar drivers to fill the shoes of men who answered the call. Many know how women kept the home fires lit while their husbands, brothers, and fathers fought. Author Lezlie Lowe tells a different story: one of Halifax women who geared up in a flash to focus on the comfort, community connections, and mental health of Halifax’s exploding wartime population of sailors, soldiers, airmen, merchant mariners, and war workers.

On November 14, Lowe will give a presentation on her book, The Volunteers: How Halifax Women Won the Second World War, that shows how Halifax women did a job no government could have organized or afforded. They did it without being asked and without respite from their daily duties. And their contributions kept Halifax — the launching point for the Canadian war effort — afloat. Thoroughly researched and compellingly told, this presentation and Q&A lays out the untold stories of the hardworking women whose unpaid and unacknowledged labour won the Second World War.

Lezlie Lowe is a Halifax-based freelance journalist, broadcaster, and author who has an abiding fascination with flipping on the lights above society's unexamined everyday. She has been a finalist and multiple winner at the Radio Television Digital News Association Awards, the Atlantic Journalism Awards, the Canadian Association of Journalists Awards, and the Atlantic Book Awards. She has taught journalism at the University of King's College since 2003.

Lezlie Lowe