Ta'n me'j Tel-keknuo'ltiek:
How Unique We Still Are

Ta'n me'j Tel-keknuo'ltiek: How Unique We Still Arereflects how Mi’kmaw people remain connected to the lands and waters of Mi’kma’ki. This exhibit offers a platform for Mi’kmaw people to express their continued experiences with an understanding of the lands and the waters of Mi’kma’ki. Mi’kmaw single-word concepts are represented through personal testimony and histories of individual Mi’kmaw people, featured objects, artifacts, images and symbolic artwork. These experiences and understandings are rooted in cultural expressions that connect past, present and future in this place. 

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The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

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Titanic deck chair.

Titanic: The Unsinkable Ship and Halifax

Put yourself in another place and time. Our permanent exhibit tells the story of Titanic’s creation and demise, drawing out the key role Halifax played in the disaster. While Titanic’s survivors went to New York, all who perished came to Halifax.


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