Tall Ship Sources


Tall Ships Nova Scotia 2004 Web Site

American Sail Training Association
Explanation of tall ship events and races with lists and links of active tallships.

HMS Bounty web page
Explores the 1960 replica of HMS Bounty built in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia for the 1962 film.


Tall Ships - Present Day

Koza, Thad, The Tall Ships (Tidemark Press, 2000 and 2004 editions)

Beken, Kenneth J. A Century of Tallships (Harrap Ltd, 1985).

Inventory of Large Preserved Historical Vessels (US National Parks Serivce, 1990)

Lieberman, Cy & Pat, Tall Ships 1986 (Middle Atlantic Press, 1986).

Nova Scotia Parade of Sail 1984 Guidebook (Atlantic Insight Publishing, 1984).

Tall Ships - Historical

Armour, Charles and Thomas Lacke
Sailing Ships of the Maritimes
(Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 1975)
A good combination of beautiful pictures and solid historical information.

Doane, Benjamin
Following the Sea
(Halifax: Nimbus and the Nova Scotia Museum, 1987)
A nicely illustrated personal account of going to sea from a Nova Scotian viewpoint.

Fingard, Judith
Jack in Port: Sailortowns of Eastern Canada
(Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1982)
Social history of mariners and their port communities - the grimmer side of the "Golden Age".

McBride, Graham
Sailing Ship Rigs
(Halifax: Maritime Museum of the Atlantic)
A handy four page illustrated guide to telling a brig from a barque and what trades they sailed.

McKay, Colin
Windjammers and Bluenose Sailors
(Lockeport: Roseway Publishing, 1993)
An lively working class account of seafaring - a nice contrast to FWW Wallace.

Sager, Eric W
1)  Seagoing Labour: The Merchant Marine of Atlantic Canada 1820-1914
(Kingston & Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 1989)
A readable examination of labour issues on maritime sailing and early steam vessels.
2)  Maritime Capital: The Shipping Industry in Atlantic Canada; 1820-1914
(Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queens University Press, 1990)
Explores the rise and fall of the Maritime sailing fleet using information from the Maritime Shipping Project at Memorial University. A heavy read - very economic and business oriented.

Spicer, Stanley
The Age of Sail: Master Shipbuilders of the Maritimes
(Halifax: Formac Publishing, 2001)
A beautifully illustrated exploration of ships and ship building in the region using case studies of several shipbuilding communities.

Wallace, Frederick William
1) Wooden Ships and Iron Men
(London: Hodder & Stoddart, 1924. Mika Reprint Edition, 1976)
2) In the Wake of the Wind Ships
(Toronto: Muson, 1929)
Classic accounts of the adventures of Atlantic Canadian sailing ships. Old fashioned in style but still stirring and pioneering work that continues to influence.