Nova Scotia Marine History Researchers
March 24, 2005

The following researchers are familiar with marine history research within their own fields and may be hired to answer enquiries. The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic assumes no responsibility for their work and leaves all arrangements about fees and delivery to private agreement between the researcher and client.

David N. Barron

Subject Areas: More than 100,000 records of North American shipwrecks covering four centuries. Also, Lunenburg vessels, mariners & builders from 1849 to 1920.
Northern Maritime Research

Captain Hubert G. Hall

Subject Areas: 20th Century steam and powered ships - photographs and vessel histories.
Shipsearch (Marine)
PO Box 476
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
B5A 4B4
Phone: 902 742 4467

David B. Flemming

Subject Areas: Northwest Atlantic fisheries - technology, community, material history and general maritime research at National Archives of Canada.
3067 Uplands Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K1V 9X7
Phone: 613- 260-7113

Chris Mills

Subject Areas: Lighthouses - photographs, general historical information on most lights, detailed research on select lights.
1121 Ketch Harbour Road
Ketch Harbour, Nova Scotia
B3V 1K7

Allen B. Robertson, PhD

Subject Areas: historical and biographical research, ship registries, master's competency papers, regional history and genealogical studies.
2317 Connaught Avenue
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3L 2Z2
Phone: 902 429-5958

Sue Swiggum

Subject Areas: Emigration from Norway, Immigration to Canada (passenger lists from 1865), Canadian and US passenger ship information (descriptions - schedules).
4353 Highway # 2
Nova Scotia
B2T 1J4
Phone: 902-861-2200
Fax: 902-861-1733

Jay White, PhD

Subject Areas: Ocean liners, Merchant Shipping, Naval History, Marine disasters & General Maritime Provinces.
James (Jay) F E White, PhD
21 Rosehurst Close
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3S 1J6
Ph (902) 420-1223