Museum Research Associates

Research associates

Support for Independent Researchers

The Museum conducts research to develop exhibits, to document its collection and to answer public enquiries about the collection. Two recent major research projects were a survey of small craft throughout Nova Scotia to document vanishing designs and traditional boatbuilding methods, and an oral history programme to record life aboard the hydrographic ship CSS Acadia and cableships that operated from Halifax.

The Museum works with a number of research associates to explore topics of mutual interest and to conduct ongoing research into a variety of maritime themes. Several of these projects have been featured as lectures at the Museum and others as research papers available to the public.

The following are some examples of research presented at the Museum:

  • Atlantic Tsunamis: Like a River Returning: A paper by Museum Research Associate Alan Ruffman.
  • Nova Scotia Coastal Steamers 1826 to 1956: A research report by Robin H. Wyllie, in support of the Museum’s Age of Steam Gallery.