Fisheries: Photographing Fisheries in Mexico and Canada with Sylvia Calatayud

January 21, 2020

7 pm

Sylvia Calatayud began photographing fisheries in her native Mexico in 1988. Her first experience was on the coast of Baja California with the yellowfin tuna fisheries, when she was working as a photojournalist on the border with the USA. This experience led to a 9 year project that took her to different oceans, from the Pacific to the North Atlantic, and the Caribbean, photographing the different ways of fishing a wide variety of species.

Sylvia came for the first time to Nova Scotia in 1998 to continue her photography project with Nova Scotia fishing communities. In 2000, Sylvia decided to make Nova Scotia her home. She was inspired by the beauty of its coasts and way of life. Experiencing the sea life through her camera and travelling with fishers, made her realize how vast, powerful and diverse the oceans’ ecosystems are. She also learned that overfishing, some fishing practices and pollution are risking the richness of our oceans.


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