Facility Rental

Small Craft Gallery

Harbourfront View, Surrounded by Maritime History

Thank you for considering the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic as the venue for your upcoming event.

With nautical vessels spanning the century the Small Craft Gallery is an impressive room with high ceilings to accommodate the masts of our collection and large windows looking out onto the harbour.  Here the museum has hosted weddings, arts presentations, lectures and receptions.  A spectacular room able to accommodate up to 110 people seated or 250 standing, this venue adds a sense of grandness and history to any occasion.

If you are hosting a smaller meeting try our Second Floor Meeting Room suitable for tabled discussions of up to 20 people or rowed seating (theatre-style) for up to 30.

Because we are primarily a museum: catering, must be arranged with outside companies.  Luckily we have a number of groups who have worked with us in the past, and most caterers in the city are familiar with the space.


Important things about booking the Small Craft Gallery:

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Cost is $1,091.80 taxes in for a rental of the Small Craft Gallery from museum close until midnight. The rate for not for profit groups is $544.85. Rentals may be be extended past midnight for an additional $100.00 per hour.

  • Small Craft GalleryThe museum is open to the public until 5:00/5:30 Small Craft Gallery(depending on the season). However, to accommodate clients, access to the Museum’s loading bay area and catering prep area is allowed as early as 1pm the day of their event.  Some exceptions can be made if your event is open to the public.
  • Rental of the Small Craft Gallery includes use of the facility’s tables and chairs. The Museum owns 15 rectangular 6-foot folding tables and 100 black, plastic chairs. It should also be noted that the Museum does not supply any linens. Any table dressings should be supplied by the caterers, or rented/supplied by the client. The Museum's AV equipment can be rented and set for a cost of $60.85. To inquire as to hwta is available, please consult our Events Coordinator.
  • Food and drink are restricted to the first floor. If the client needs to host a pre-reception, our lobby is an ideal location for this use. If you wish to use the courtyard for any portion of your reception it should be noted that the courtyard is also our load-in area and this will require coordination with the caterers.
  • The client may hang lights from the railing along the second floor, or up-light the sails. No decorations or lighting may be placed on artifacts or display cases, or in any manner that could potentially damage the items. No smoke machines or confetti cannons may be used.
  • The Museum will unlock the ‘Night Entrance’ (located next to the main doors) for the client to use as their entrance to the facility.  Signs will be placed on these doors to let guests know where they should enter.  All other doors will be locked for the evening, accessible from the inside only.


Important things about booking the Meeting Room:

Cost is $242.45 taxes in for a rental of the Meeting Room for a full-day or evening rental. (Half-day $136.25) Not for profit groups can book the room for $136.25 (full day) or $68.10 (half day)

  • The meeting room is located on the second floor of the Museum but does have wheelchair accessibility.
  • Rental of the Meeting Room includes access to the in-room chairs and tables.  The client may alter the set-up of the room for the purpose of their event but are asked to return it to its previous state after they are finished.
  • Food and drink are restricted to the meeting room during a daytime meeting.  As visitors to the museum are asked to not consume food or drink in the galleries, we ask that people at the museum for their meeting do the same.
  • There is an in-room smart board, and kitchen. The smart board may be used for an additional $62.70.  The kitchen use is complimentary.


Film and Video Productions

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic has a number of authentic period spaces in its galleries which can serve as the perfect location for film or video productions. In particular, the Museum’s vessel CSS Acadia is frequently in demand as a backdrop for a variety of projects.

A rare example of a rivetted steel vessel, the 180 foot steamship was built in 1913 and features well preserved Edwardian interiors. In the past, Acadia has been used as a wartime cargo ship, a 19th century immigrant ship, a hospital ship, and even a Japanese destroyer.

A daily location fee is charged for all film work at the Museum, based on an eight hour day. An hourly overtime rate will be charged for filming beyond the eight hours or for extraordinary hours. For major projects, a flat fee may be negotiated.

All film productions are subject to the Nova Scotia Museum’s Film/Video Production policy and producers must sign a Letter of Agreement.

To request further details, including availability and conditions of the Film/Video Production policy, email mmabookings@gov.ns.ca.