The Last 90 Minutes of Imo and Mont Blanc

November 14, 2017

7:00 pm

In this fascinating presentation, Captain Robert Power will explore the ninety minutes that led up to the collision between Imo and Mont Blanc, which resulted in the largest man-made explosion before the Atomic Age. Using his experience as a harbour pilot, Captain Power will discuss what was probably taking place on the bridges of the two ships involved. Although those on the bridge of the Mont Blanc were able to and did testify at the Inquiry, the only person on the bridge of Imo who survived was the man at the wheel, who was injured in the explosion.  There are many questions about what took place and we can only speculate now as to what actually happened.  There are questions which are still unanswered and may remain so.

Illustration of IMO striking Mont Blanc
Illustration by Captain Power

Image of Captain Power

Captain Robert Power was born and brought up in Halifax and Herring Cove. He got his first taste of the sea with his father shortly after WW2 when he went out on the pilot boat at the age of five. All of his working life has been on the water and most of it in the waters of Halifax Harbour. From being a life guard on the Northwest Arm to being the Master on various Vessels.  He has done most everything that one can on the Harbour. He has Fished, rowed, sailed and Piloted on the Harbour in almost everything that can float. His most fond memories were of sitting quietly in the background listening to the Pilots and crews on the pilot boats talk and tell their stories.  

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